Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Holiday Tribute

(Some dear friends are honoring Cami's memory this year by donating a beautifully decorated tree to the Festival of Trees. I wrote a tribute to Cami to accompany the tree and hopefully to give the many people that view it a small glimpse into the life of my remarkable sister.)

This year as we usher in the holiday season we do so with a little less joy, a little less yuletide cheer. Our minds careen the past five months, our hearts revisit the ache of losing a loved one so young, so suddenly. Our Christmas wish is for comfort, peace and faith that our sweet angel is watching over us, giving us strength and courage to live our lives without her…

Cami was born thirty-four years ago into a close-knit family that cherished her as an adorable blonde little girl, a charming, free-spirited teen and especially as a beautiful, loving adult. Cami married her best friend and high school sweetheart and together they were raising two perfectly wonderful young boys. Cami loved being a wife and mother and she exemplified those roles through pure and unconditional love. Her legacy will live on through “her boys.”

Cami was an incredible friend, fiercely loyal and concerned about all. She had a radiant smile that was sincere and filled with compassion and tenderness. She genuinely cared about others as evidenced by her kind words, her selfless actions. She was funny and loved to laugh. She listened more than she spoke. Cami was confident and witty. She loved to dance, sing karaoke and watch reality tv.
Cami lived her life appreciating the things that bring true joy. Her happiness revolved around her family—she valued her husband and children above all else. She adored her friends, her sisters, brother and parents. She cherished her testimony of the gospel, and her relationship with her Savior, Jesus Christ.

This holiday season our hope is to honor our angel, remember and appreciate our time with her and allow her example to shape our lives. As we move forward, continuing to grow and learn, we know she is with us, giving us the courage to find joy in life and happiness in those around us.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

A younger, prettier version of me...

In the wake of our tragic loss I wanted to re-visit a blog post I wrote about Cami three years ago. One blessing that has come to light for me personally since my sweet sister was lost just over a week ago is that I have no regrets about our relationship as sisters. Cami knew I loved her, admired her and respected her. I told her these things on a regular basis. I encourage all to love and appreciate their family members; sisters, brothers, parents, is fragile and can change in an instant. I pray that Cami's light and legacy will forever shine and that her incredible example will live on to touch, teach and influence all who were blessed to know her. I love you, Cam.

People often say that my sister Cami and I have the same voice. We sound identical when we talk and especially when we laugh. I have noticed this phenomenon with other sisters, but it's hard to pick up on similarities when it involves yourself...

Four years ago Cami became a certified medical assistant. As a nurse myself I was thrilled to be joined in the health care field by my sister. She was interested in working in urgent care, so I inquired about a possible position for her with the company I work for. I spoke with the COO of our company about an employment opportunity, and his response was..."I would love to hire your sister--I welcome a younger, prettier version of you!" He had never even seen did he know she was prettier than me?

I love working with Cami. She is smart, stable and responsible. She is my one and only source and sounding board for "office gossip." We have an unspoken rule of confidentiality and discuss everything from coworkers who have bizarre opinions and habits to doctors who wear scrub tops with their khakis. We adore (practically) every person we work with, but trust no one but each other...

Cami is the lone girl in her family as the proud mom of two cutie pie boys. Ashton, her oldest has been perfect since the day he was born. He is sweet and sensitive and absolutely charming. We thought Cam had met her match with her second son, Duston, but once he got through those tough toddler years he too seemed to show several obvious signs of perfection.
Cami is crazy in love with her husband who happens to be the strong, silent type. He is splendid at changing tires for his nutty sister in law, and is steadfast in his tolerance of wacky Bunnell sister antics.

Cam has had a few little trips and tumbles in her life, but all adversity that comes her way is confronted head on by her positive attitude and cheery smile... She laughs easily, though she can't scream worth a darn. Younger, prettier and much more AMAAAAAZING than I could ever hope to be...that's my sis!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Halloween, et al...and why I am not a scrapbooker

What has happened to me that blog posts are now summaries of events occurring over not a few days, or even weeks, but months?

I am busy.

Everyone is busy.

I'm just afraid my blogging is going by way of my scrapbooking about a decade ago...except for the fact that I despised scrapbooking, hated patterned scissors and sticky letters and sayings like "my children are my greatest treasures" (in a lovely loopy font) seemingly tucked into a partially propped treasure box.

In contrast, I have truly enjoyed blogging. It is an outlet to express, and an opportunity to capture and record a timeless history of this lovely, unique phase of my life when my kids are no longer in arms or even under foot, but still close by...challenging and charming all at the same time. Blogging is nearly effortless--what with technology allowing the events of our lives, at least those captured in digital form, to be tossed from one form of "gigabyte" to another.

Yet, I have been neglectful, too busy (or lazy) (or...what?) to keep a proper journal, to chronicle holidays, and Haiti and such.

As I continue to reflect on the why? I will attempt a bit of a "catch up," and hope that I can find resume some regularity, if only for the sake of maintaining the meaning of my blog title...(sigh...)

September, 2010...Alta High Homecoming. Lexi and Nate--I think they're adorable...

My third trip to Haiti (September 2010)...enlightening and

Happy Halloween,2010 (are we really only to the end of October? This is gonna be one long post!)

Moab in November (2010)--lovely and adventurous!

Tae Kwon Do (November 2010)--Jaycee and Luke

Luke's baptism (December 1, 2010) sweet handsome boy is growing up! It was a beautiful day!

The most wonderful time of the year! Merry Christmas (2010)!

Though a bit of time to scribble a few notes (technically tap a few keys), locate a stash of pictures (miraculously filed in order on my desktop) the end result is so gratifying. Knowing that September through December 2010 is forever (I hope!) preserved (brief as it may be) me satisfaction without weariness and hope without overwhelmation (overwhelmation=SCRAPBOOKING).

I may just do it again.

Next month.

Gotta pace myself...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thanks...for the memories

Can it really be that summer has been reduced to only a...memory? Not so distant, I realize, but still a mere recollection, a reflection of something past?

It seems it just began...early June...summertime at last...backpacks cleared of any and all lingering papers, notes and miscellaneous projects, hot pink shorts and striped t-shirts, tank tops and flip flops take place of tennis shoes, ankle socks and navy and white...white and navy...Friends from morning til dusk, bike rides, sweating brows, popsicles and pool days. Late nights, Lagoon, water parks and (my personal favorite) late, lazy, loafy summer mornings.

Now it's over.

School supplies are strewn across the dining room table, new shoes lie stacked by the front door. Anxious anticipation, homework, intermittent friends, cooler temperatures, early bedtime and (my personal least favorite) those monotonous, schedule-ridden early mornings.

Gratefully, ensconced between these two contrasting lifestyles, lies weeks of fantastic, fulfilling, adventurous fun that will remain rooted in our minds to be visited and reflected upon as truly one of the greatest Warner family summers of all time.

Swimming pool, sunshine and cousins...nothing beats St. George in the summer!

Tarzan at Tuacahn (FABULOUS!)

First time to Moab translated into favorite family trip of all time!

We spent one day on the river, another at Slick Rock in a Hummer!

What better way to bid farewell to summer 2010 than a labor day weekend at Scofield?

Monday, August 23, 2010

hanging in there

Summer's been a bit crazy. I'm going to pull myself back up...take a deep breath...and accomplish lots and lots and lots...and lots of things.

...I can do it

...I hope

Thursday, June 3, 2010

take time

Yes, there is life beyond Haiti.

No, I have not forgotten about the four little darlings born to me. (and no, I have not contemplated trading them for others of the beautiful brown Haitian variety.)

Yes, I know I am behind on updates. WAY behind...I know.

No, I am not dedicating my blog to my relief work in Haiti (for that I have a

Yes, I recognize the significant moments I have yet to record for posterity sake.

Reasonable questions accompanied by simple, truthful (for the most part) answers tumble through my mind as I juggle my new endeavour with the many goings on in a household of six including a hard working, (basically brilliant) hubby, two vacillating (one mobile, both pretty) teenagers, one daughter with a heart of gold, but dabbling in pre-adolescent moods and attitude and a little boy who adds the exclamation point to our composition of family with funny antics and cute hair.

As the days of April/May rush by, touting hints of summer, but refusing to commit, I reflect on recent weeks of glamour, worry, recovery, story telling and celebration and contemplate the quickly passing days as we attempt to grasp this rapid time continuum and...enjoy ourselves a little!


Lexi was stunning in sapphire. Her hair curled and cascading. First date. Cute boy. I cried. She has grown up so very fast. I love the young woman she has become. I actually like her better than the funny (sort of strange) little girl she came from...


Skilled and confident, but still inexperienced behind that wheel. I have never appreciated the sound of the garage door rising as much as I do now.

Recovery...ROO'S SURGERY

Kelsey's left ear has always had a mind of its own. Asymmetrical without any folds to tuck it into place against her head, it has added to her quirky uniqueness and has forever been an endearing trademark...(to me) but to her it has been a distraction, a difference, and in a world where perfection is thrust upon her from every angle, it was regarded, by her, as a shortcoming, a flaw--one that she'd like repaired.

So we had it done.

But...she had to go through this...

to look like this...

(lovely...but now she believes it!)

Story telling...Luke's moment

He marched up to the microphone to recite the tale that nabbed him a first place trophy. His story was titled "If I were a Leprechaun." I think he would be adorable as a tiny little green long as he kept his toothless smile and irresistible shaggy hair.

(This year Luke has discovered the glorious wonder of books and the joyful release of writing. I couldn't be happier!)

Celebration...Jaycee's birthday

Jaycee is the most thoughtful person I know. (and I know a lot of people) This year for her birthday she decided to fore go a party with friends and instead spend an afternoon with me (her most favorite person) (it's true, ask her) getting manis and pedis, and shopping for fun, fresh, fabulous new linens for her bedroom. It was relaxing, silly and all around awesome.

Time is an interesting thing. It literally races by with a pace increasing each day, month and year and leaving little in it's impetuous quake but a more aged and hurried me.

No, I do not want time to stand still. I want my children to grow, progress, live, love and enjoy.

Yes, I want time to stand still. I want to cherish this time when all of them are at home, under my wing of influence and guidance but mature enough to explore, change and decide on their own.

There will often be questions.

Sometimes there will be answers.

Always there will be time to appreciate, laugh, love, live and enjoy.

If we take it.

Take time.

I think I've found my theme for summer...!