Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Holiday Tribute

(Some dear friends are honoring Cami's memory this year by donating a beautifully decorated tree to the Festival of Trees. I wrote a tribute to Cami to accompany the tree and hopefully to give the many people that view it a small glimpse into the life of my remarkable sister.)

This year as we usher in the holiday season we do so with a little less joy, a little less yuletide cheer. Our minds careen the past five months, our hearts revisit the ache of losing a loved one so young, so suddenly. Our Christmas wish is for comfort, peace and faith that our sweet angel is watching over us, giving us strength and courage to live our lives without her…

Cami was born thirty-four years ago into a close-knit family that cherished her as an adorable blonde little girl, a charming, free-spirited teen and especially as a beautiful, loving adult. Cami married her best friend and high school sweetheart and together they were raising two perfectly wonderful young boys. Cami loved being a wife and mother and she exemplified those roles through pure and unconditional love. Her legacy will live on through “her boys.”

Cami was an incredible friend, fiercely loyal and concerned about all. She had a radiant smile that was sincere and filled with compassion and tenderness. She genuinely cared about others as evidenced by her kind words, her selfless actions. She was funny and loved to laugh. She listened more than she spoke. Cami was confident and witty. She loved to dance, sing karaoke and watch reality tv.
Cami lived her life appreciating the things that bring true joy. Her happiness revolved around her family—she valued her husband and children above all else. She adored her friends, her sisters, brother and parents. She cherished her testimony of the gospel, and her relationship with her Savior, Jesus Christ.

This holiday season our hope is to honor our angel, remember and appreciate our time with her and allow her example to shape our lives. As we move forward, continuing to grow and learn, we know she is with us, giving us the courage to find joy in life and happiness in those around us.


Greg and Sarah said...

This is so beautiful Cindy! I have been thinking a lot about you guys with the holidays. It just doesn't seem the same without my Uncle Lance and Cami!

Rachelle Woolley said...

What a beautiful, incredible tribute!! I love you!! Looking forward to seeing the tree!

jessica said...

Cindy, what an amazing tribute, you are so good with words. I just found out about Cami's tree today and am going to see it this weekend. I miss her so much as do soooooooo many people. I love you cute cousin!